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Pangang Titanium Industry Co.,Ltd.

Pangang Titanium is the largest integrated titanium complex in China and has Titanium mining, ilmenite,

Titanium slag, TiO2 pigment,Titanium sponge and Titanium mill products through the whole industrial chain.

Currently, Pangang Titanium is largest producer of ilmenite(800kmtpa), titanium slag (180kmtpa), titanium Sponge 20kmtpa.

Pangang Titanium has  total capacity of TiO2 Pigment is about 235kmtpa in the end of 2016. 220kmt by Sulphate process and 15kmt by Chloride process.  A top 3 TiO2 pigment producer in China.

Pangang Titanium is focused on creating sound, more rewarding value for the customers through quality product and on-time service.

Pangang Titanium consistently provides broader and systemic solutions throughout the value chain to our customers, help them improve their business performance, enable our customers to be more and more successful.

Pangang Titanium is dedicate to strengthen the leading role in the whole titanium value chain, demonstrating a commitment to  the sustainable and environmental-friendly development with our partner together, make the better world through the mutual cooperation with customer.

Pangang Titanium  has an ISO9001:2000 certificate and REACH registration.

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